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What we are made of

holi is built on the ideals of ethics and classic clothing that is designed to be worn . . . & worn . . . & worn . We want you to love the heck out of it. We work on the basis of what you put in you get out. holi encapsulates quality , style and a certain kindness.

At holi, we source organic fibre, sustainably manufactured through a closed loop system to bring you a supreme product. holi takes a gracious bow back from bulk off shore manufacturing and into a simpler more considered approach.

We are about community . We are a brand for everyone. Everybody deserves the chance to buy ethically without having to budge on design , quality or flair. Be the change . . .

Why natural fibres?

At holi, we like to keep things as natural as possible. Natural fibres are known for being comfortable, breathable, and when manufactured correctly, sustainable.


Organic bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable plants. Holi uses locally sourced Oeko-Tex certified, organic bamboo and cotton fabric made fair trade in China.

Bamboo fabric is easy care, simply wash in cool or warm water with a mild plant-based detergent, then air dry.

• 100 % biodegradable.
• No pesticides are used.
• Minimal irrigation and water usage during production.
• Growing bamboo can help reclaim land.
• The fabric produced from bamboo is soft yet incredibly durable.
• Bamboo fabric is low-allergen.
• It absorbs moisture, is anti-bacterial and has a natural UV filter.


Merino and wool are iconic to New Zealand and are available in abundance locally. Both Merino and Lambswool are supreme natural fibres with soft, lightweight textures, and a warm, comfortable feel.

Wool is natural, renewable, biodegradable, and is highly durable. Holi supports our local wool industry by choosing 100% New Zealand merino and lambs wool.

• 100% biodegradable.
• Soft and lightweight to wear.
• Wool naturally helps regulate heat for comfort in warm and cool conditions.
• Natural wool fibres help to absorb moisture.
• Like bamboo, wool is odour resistant.
• Wool fibres are trans-seasonal which is perfect for the varied New Zealand climate.

We hope you you enjoy holi as much as we have bringing holi to you .

Kelly du Toit – Designer / Founder of holi organic wear